Etsy: Re-vamped Doll Plushies

A few weeks ago my handmade dolls returned from the Crammed Organisms plush show. I decided that a few of them needed a re-vamped look before they went up for sale in my Etsy shop. Yesterday I braved surgery on them and I think they look much better with my signature doll eyes. (For curiosity sake, this is what they looked like before their transformation.)  I also decided to re-name them!  Introducing…

Ophelia The Nurse & Thorn the Bear
Ophelia really does have the best intentions, despite what others might say. She loves her little bear buddy Thorn, even though he is constantly getting hurt on the playground. Nurse Ophelia is always there to care for his wounds and bandage him up. Once I thought I heard maniacal laughter coming from her room, but she says I was just imagining it. I’m not sure if she’s being entirely true because rumour has it that Ophelia is an escapee from a mental institution.

Ophelia’s overall colour scheme was inspired by one of my favourite musicians, Emilie Autumn. The nurse outfit is inspired by the Gothic Lolita fashion sub-culture*. I also find anything medical related slightly disturbing, so I thought a crazy nurse would work with her overall look.

Duchess Lucinda & Pearl the Rabbit
Duchess Lucinda is the most proper girl you will ever meet. She dresses in the most expensive lace, frills and ribbons she can find. She insists on wearing her white top hat whenever she goes on a walk through the flower gardens. She has been to the Opera and has sailed on a grand ship, but the thing she most looks forward to is having High Tea with her little rabbit buddy Pearl. They sip imported loose leaf teas from a faraway land, eat delicate Victorian sandwiches and discuss topics like proper etiquette and whether or not Lucinda should learn to play the violin. I don’t think the Duchess realizes that she does most of the talking and eating while Pearl sits flopped over on the chair.

Lucinda was inspired by everything sugary sweet, my fascination with anything Victorian, and of course the Sweet Lolita fashion sub-culture*.

Both of them are now for sale in my Etsy shop.

* (If you are interested in the Gothic Lolita fashion, there is an excellent book for sale at They also carry the FRUiTS fashion books. I love these books — I have the whole set.)

3 thoughts on “Etsy: Re-vamped Doll Plushies

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    • Hi Amber Rose! I’m a bit swamped at the moment, but I will be taking custom orders in the new year. Please email me at violet_peppermint [at] yahoo [dot] com if interested and we’ll take it from there! 🙂

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