Etsy: New Deer + HOLIDAY SALE!

One of the things I love about American Thanksgiving is that it kicks off the holiday spirit (I was just watching the Macy’s Day Parade for the first time on TV… they really go all out!).  This weekend also kicks off the shopping season with tons of sales. So, I decided to hop on the holiday bandwagon and offer a bunch of plushies in my shop at a discounted price. I’ve listed a selection of deer, white rabbits and dolls which are ALL on sale. So, if you’re looking for a special handmade gift for the holidays, you might find something in my shop!

I’ve also listed two new style deer in my Etsy shop:

Banana Blueberry
Banana Blueberry Deer is a successful interior decorator in Deerville. She loves to decorate in a retro design scheme with very bold colours. Her favourite addition to any room is a hanging bubble chair.

Orange Fizz Deer
Orange Fizz Deer works in a soda shop where he sells all kinds of sodas from around the world. His favourites are Jarritos from Mexico, Spetzi from Germany, and Orange Crush from the USA.

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