Blog Update

• I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus — this month my ex and I packed everything up and moved from the USA to Canada.  Our furniture arrived this week (I have a chair to sit on! lol), and the first thing I unpacked was my sewing machine.  I can’t wait to start making plushies again!  ^_^  My Etsy shop has been closed while I have been away, but I will be re-stocking it with brand new items and designs during the month of September.

• While I was away, Erin K made a lovely post about my Sideshow Twins at the Inspirational blog. (Thanks Erin! ♥)

• I was also very pleased to find a couple photos on Flickr of my winning Valley of The Dolls sticker designs being used on VOTD’s sold merchandise:

[My Rida Pullip sticker designs, photo by yuhime]

[My Noir Pullip sticker design, photo by robotsformagnolia]

One thought on “Blog Update

  1. That was a lovely post about your doll…….and that doll is a wonderful creation!! I like the suggestion of a continuing story too! I want to know what happens next! You have your grandmother’s storytelling gift and more.

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