Sticker Contest: I won!

OMG, I was one of the winners in the sticker contest over at the Valley of the Dolls forum! :O My photos are going to be made into stickers with the Valley of the Dolls shop name on them, and used on their packaging (like this one)! I’m so flattered and honoured! I actually didn’t realize there was a prize — I thought being chosen to represent VOTD’s shop was prize enough, but I found out I got to choose one Pullip, so I chose Another Queen. ^_^ (She’s a limited edition, designed by Pullip’s creator herself, Mango Park.) My Another Alice is quite happy to have another Wonderlander join the group! ♥

My entries for the contest are below. Contestants could enter as many times as they wanted — there were over 400 entries this year! If you can log-into the VOTD’s forum, take a look at the other fantastic entries that won too. ^_^

If you’re interested in purchasing a Pullip Doll, Valley of the Dolls is an excellent shop (I’m not just saying that either — I buy all my Pullips there ^_^), and they even have a shop here in Los Angeles (which I keep meaning to make a trip to)!


4 thoughts on “Sticker Contest: I won!

  1. YEAY! Emily I am so proud of you! You are such an accompished artist! Congrats! 🙂 I love the stickers! Great work!

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