Etsy Plush Team: Favourite Childhood Plush

This was my second project with Plush Team. We had to create a plushie based on our favourite childhood plush. This was a very fun challenge because it gave me a chance to pull out my old toys that have been stored away for far too long.

My most favourite childhood plush was a rabbit puppet. As you can see (in the pic below), she has been well loved. I loved her because she was a rabbit (my favourite animal as a child), and she was a puppet so I could easily bring her to life (foreshadowing a future career in animation, perhaps!). I named her Jessica Rabbit (*not* after the curvy lady in Who Framed Roger Rabbit — I named her at least 5 years before that movie was released!), but rather she was named/inspired after my brother Jesse. I was almost 3 when my baby brother was born, and I guess either by jealousy or love (or both!) shortly afterwards I took on the persona of a rabbit — “Jessica Rabbit” that is, for the duration of a year when I was a little girl. I would *only* answer to the name “Jessica”… at home, school, etc. I was quite adamant that I was Jessica Rabbit (I was really a bunny living as a human), and I would even sign my paintings as “Jessica Rabbit” (while some kids in my preschool couldn’t even write their own names — I bet the teachers loved me! lol). So, my childhood plush Jessica Rabbit is quite a meaningful toy to me, and now, years later I’m still finding that rabbits are influencing my life to this day! ^_^

Anyways, why don’t I show you what I made! ^_^ This is Baby Rabbit. I tried to used the same colours on her body that were in the original plush, and I wanted to make her look handmade, so I added obvious stitching with dark brown thread where I could. I wanted the design of her face to be similar to the original, so I gave her a prominent nose, with a stitched nose and frowning mouth. I didnt’t have eyes like the original plush has, but I thought these red button eyes were really cute for her. I thought about making her ears fall backwards behind her head, instead of forwards, but I like her ears perked up, and her ears are flexible enough that they can be folded backwards, stand up at attention, or folded down in a relaxed pose.

Jessica and Baby Rabbit meet in a momentous occassion. They instantly become friends, and Jessica assumes the role of mother. ^_^

She is now available for sale in my Etsy shop. Wooden mushrooms can be purchased at Craftsty’s shop.

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