Drawings: Sketches from the road

Last weekend I took a road trip from LA > San Francisco, then back down to LA again. We drove along the coast on the way up, and took the inland route on the way back. The landscape in California is so diverse! (You can see my pics from the road trip HERE.) Anyways, I was able to do some drawing, which I haven’t had much time to do lately (yes, I’ve been slacking on Sketchclub as usual. >_>). So, here are some of my drawings from this past weekend:

4 thoughts on “Drawings: Sketches from the road

  1. O I missed these!
    Lovely sketches Emily!
    Last week when the local gallery owner was in my studio selecting paintings to hang for the tourist season, I showed him a sketchbook of yours that I think I rescued from your recyling bin 5 years ago! There were animal drawings and Lucky draw
    ings of yours. He was amazed and flabbergasted at the quality and beauty of the drawings. If you are ever in need of an income then I think a line of framed pencil drawings of Lucky would do REALLY well. I’ll be your agent!! Your drawing is so good that you don’t even realize how fluid and alive it is!

  2. Awwwww, thanks Mom. ♥ I can’t believe you were sneaky and “rescued” an old sketchbook of mine! Bad! 🙂 I haven’t drawn in ages, but I’m trying to get back into it again.

  3. Wow your stuff is fantastic. I got to your site from Flora’s blog, I am glad that I clicked on the link.

    You are soooo talented I am seething with jealousy. Congratulations on the art show wish you all the best.

    How did you break into such a closed industry? The quality of your work brings these creations to life you have such attention to detail. My son remarked on how you can feel the plushes breathe….. He honestly now thinks they are alive.

  4. Oh wow, thank-you *so* much for the wonderful comments, I’m so pleased! Your son’s comment really made my day. Thank-you so much for visiting my blog. ♥

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