Etsy: Follow The White Rabbit adds 7 new Deer

I’ve just finished sewing a batch of 7 deer for my Etsy shop! ^_^ This time I was inspired by faded vintage colours. After working on these deer for a few days, I realized where my inspiration had come from. I’ve been so excited about going to see Audrey Kawasaki‘s upcoming show at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, that I subconsciously used Audrey’s palette on my deer! Inspiration really can come from all places!  ^_^

The last deer is Lily, a Gothic Deer. Lily had actually been finished for a while (she’s made a sneaky appearance in a few of my studio pics), but I didn’t know how I wanted to finish her off yet. I tried experimenting with red stitching, to give her a slashed look, which I hope I’ve achieved without making her look too grotesque.

3 thoughts on “Etsy: Follow The White Rabbit adds 7 new Deer

  1. Thanks for sharing about where inspiration comes from. I love these new colours too….it’s amazing how changing the colour effects the look of the deer.

  2. Brigitte ~ Thanks! ^_^ Haha, “risking Absinthe-level use”!

    Forly ~ I’m going to try and post inspirational sources more often! Yeah, I love how the deer can look so different, just with a change of colour. They’re so versatile!

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