Follow The White Rabbit is 1 year old!

ACK! I’ve been away for nearly a month! >_> Firstly, I promise never to do that again, and secondly, I have a big blog post to make!

I’m very proud to say that: Follow The White Rabbit celebrated its one year anniversary on January 13th by reaching exactly 100 sales in one year! I am *so* appreciative and thankful to to everyone who has shown support and made this possible! I could not have kept up my motivation to keep sewing without you. When I first started up my Etsy shop a year ago, I was still trying to figure out how to use my sewing machine, the deer pattern, and not knowing if anyone would even be interested in my stuff. Not to mention my ex and I had just quit our jobs in Canada and re-located to the USA with our kitty (packing our life into four suitcases), which was so stressful, yet exciting! Now I am much more confident in my sewing, I’ve introduced a few new designs (including my Sweet Madness Dolls), and I am sewing up a storm! 2007 was a year of beginnings for me, and I plan on making 2008 a year to grow from those beginnings. ^_^ Expect to see lots of new stuff this year for Follow The White Rabbit.

Here is a mosaic of all 100 items sold:

The next bit of news is…. I’ve introduced a new type of plushie to my shop: Baby Deer! They stand just over 4″ tall, and are for sale in my Etsy shop. I think the pic below looks like Baby Deer School. ^_^

I’ve also decided to start a monthly mosaic of my Etsy shop commissions. (That is, if the commissions keep coming in, of course! ^_~) I wanted to give people an idea of what they can custom order from me. Some of my customers are very creative and come up with ideas and colour choices that I would never of thought of, or they would like to see a sold out design re-created. If you are interested in a custom commission, tell me about your idea by sending me a message via my Etsy shop, and I’ll see if I have enough material to make it for you. ^_~ Here are the commissions I received for January 2008:

1. Baby Gothic Lolita Deer, 2. Chocolate Deer, 3. Caramel Deer, 4. Delphia, 5. Red Valentine Deer, 6. Minmi


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