I’ve been published!

My plush deer were published in the latest issue of Haute Doll magazine (the February 2007 issue)! My friend Brigitte has a 6 page spread about her beautiful custom made Pullip dolls: “Zombuki‘s” (I am the lucky owner of one of her creations, “Hanami“, who was also featured in the article). A couple of deer which she had bought from my Etsy shop ( Follow The White Rabbit) are in some of those photos, as well as a kitty hood I made for her! I found out totally by accident when I was at the bookstore yesterday. I was in the magazine section and picked up the latest issue of Haute Doll to check it out (as I usually do), and was so shocked, surprised and excited to see things I made printed in the magazine! :O Congratulations Brigitte, your article and photos are awesome!

Hanami and Iceberry Deer pose with Brigitte’s Zombuki article. Kazami’s pink kitty hood and Hanami’s albino deer, are both things I’ve made! ^_^

Awww, let’s hug just like we did in Brigitte’s pic!

Hanami poses with Iceberry Deer next to the magazine! Look at all the gorgeous Zombuki’s (and a pink deer I made sneaking into the pic)!

“Her deer, Algernon, is from Follow the White Rabbit.”

Ooooh… look where they got their clothes from! ^_^

“Their deer, Cecily, is from Follow the White Rabbit.”


6 thoughts on “I’ve been published!

  1. Those pictures are wonderful! I really like how you integrated your own deer into the foreground in those photos! What a thrill to see your work in a magazine! Maybe Santa will buy you a subscription! lol.

  2. How awesome! 😀 Congratulations.

    This is solarfacade from the Emilie Autumn forum, by the way. I saw your EA doll on there and thought it was cute, so I’m watching your blog now, hehe. 😀

  3. Brigitte ~ Aww, it’s okay. I’m still soooo proud of you! You’re a super star! Zombuki love! ^_^

    Flora ~ Thanks! It was a nice surprise to be included in Brigitte’s snazzy Zombuki article. ^_^

    Zoe ~ Thank-you! I hope I can keep my blog interesting enough! hee hee! ^_^

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